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IMPORTANT: The USB IBIS Converter "Lynx" has been recalled! More Information

Sales are on hold indefinitely. I apologise for any inconvenience.

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Sales are on hold indefinitely. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Destination displays using proprietary bus systems like MONO or Alphabus can not be controlled with this converter.

This converter has no approval for installation in motor vehicles. Such installations are done at your own risk.



35,00 €

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Manual (German)

Driver up to v1.7 (Windows)

Driver for v1.8 and higher (Windows)

This device can not be used to control displays using Lawo's MONO bus or other proprietary bus systems.

Converter for connecting destination displays and other IBIS devices like ticket validators or announcement devices to a PC.

This device has a USB connector and a 4-pin output for the IBIS bus which enables the controlling of matrix displays, ticket validators, announcement devices etc. from a PC. It's possible to send and receive data, so you can also query the status of your devices.

No additional 24V supply is needed for the converter! Only the devices you want to control need to be supplied with 24V, the power for the bus is generated inside the converter.