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IMPORTANT: The USB IBIS Converter "Lynx" has been recalled! More Information

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IBIS Master Lite

15,00 €

(According to § 19 of the German UStG, no VAT is declared)

Please order via email at info@xatlabs.com

Manual (German)

Converter for connecting destination displays and other IBIS devices like ticket validators or announcement devices to a PC.

This device has a TTL connector and a RS232 connector as well as a 2-pin output for the IBIS bus which enables the controlling of matrix displays, ticket validators, announcement devices etc. from a PC. This converter can only send data, not receive it.

An external 24V supply is needed for the converter.

This converter is ideal if you don't need all the features of the "Lynx" converter, but just want a basic way of controlling IBIS devices.

Please state the following when ordering:

  • Desired control method (RS232 / TTL serial)
    • This can be changed afterwards by resoldering the solder bridge
    • When choosing TTL, the RS232 connector will not be mounted. If you wish to have it mounted anyway, please state that!
  • When choosing RS232: Desired type of connector (male / female)
  • When choosing RS232: Desired pin assignment (host / client pin assignment)
    • This can be changed afterwards by resoldering the solder bridges
    • Usually, USB to RS232 converters have a host type pin assignment at their output
    • If you are unsure, just describe how you plan on controlling the converter (which cable, which device)