IBIS Solutions

Lynx - USB IBIS Master

Enables easy controlling of IBIS devices using USB with an integrated voltage converter for the bus voltage.

Caracal - WiFi Module

Extends the Lynx and Serval boards with WiFi functionality for easy control without a USB cable.

Serval - USB IBIS Slave

Enables emulation of an IBIS slave device using an USB port.

Bobcat - IBIS Master Lite

The smaller brother of Lynx, with an RS232 and a TTL input as well as an IBIS transmitter output.

Sandcat - USB IBIS Sniffer

This compact sniffer allows you to monitor bidirectional communication on the IBIS bus.


Facilitates mounting of the Lynx / Serval board and the optional Caracal board and offers additional protection against damage.

USB Cable

The matching cable for the USB IBIS boards.

IBIS Cable

Standard IBIS cable for connecting to IBIS devices.

Power Cable

Standard power cable for connecting to IBIS devices.