IBIS Solutions

IMPORTANT: The USB IBIS Converter "Lynx" has been recalled! More Information

Sales are on hold indefinitely. I apologise for any inconvenience.

Lynx - USB IBIS Master

Enables easy controlling of IBIS devices using USB with an integrated voltage converter for the bus voltage.

Caracal - WiFi Module

Extends the Lynx and Serval boards with WiFi functionality for easy control without a USB cable.

Serval - USB IBIS Slave

Enables emulation of an IBIS slave device using an USB port.

XL2800 - FP2800A replacement

Replacement for the popular FP2800 / FP2800A flipdot driver IC.

Sandcat - USB IBIS Sniffer

This compact sniffer allows you to monitor bidirectional communication on the IBIS bus.


Facilitates mounting of the Lynx / Serval board and the optional Caracal board and offers additional protection against damage.

USB Cable

The matching cable for the USB IBIS boards.